What Happens When It's Not Good Enough?

What Happens When It’s Not Good Enough?

We have had a busy and productive week working on the house. We were working hard to reach a major milestone in our renovation. The mortgage company required us to escrow some money to make some required repairs to the house because we bought it in an unlivable condition. It is their way of safeguarding themselves from us walking away. The agreement was that once the required repairs were made they would send the appraiser out again to give us approval and release the funds. Our goal was that by Friday those repairs would be done and we reached it. We were ready. Yesterday, the appraiser came.

She did not think we were ready. In fact, the first thing she said when she got out of her car was, “I thought you guys requested a final appraisal.”


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Before… (This picture does not do justice to the rottenness.)



Kind of After…


The problem was that no one ever defined what “finishing” the repairs actually looked like. The particular one in question was repairing the wood rot on the outside of the house. We had repaired the wood rot and replaced all of the questionable boards. That is what we interpreted that to mean, but her interpretation of it was that all exposed wood needed to not only be replaced but also to be wrapped or painted. We were planning on doing it, but it was not the next priority on our list.

In the end, we came to an understanding, but it was not without a little disappointment. We’ll see where we can get in another week. We’d like to be out from under this deadline and also have the money back in our bank account.



In a related story…

Our carpet, wood floors, and tile are all done! It is really starting to look like a home.




photo 2

When the carpet guys left, it was late and it had already gotten dark. They asked me how it looked and I told them it looked great. Fast-forward to the next day. Jen sees the carpet on the stairs and immediately notices some spots that didn’t look good. Upon closer inspection, I couldn’t help but agree. It was a pretty crappy job, one that I should have seen with or without daylight.

I am naturally a person that says, “Well, it’s not that bad.” I would rather avoid the confrontation and live with the imperfections. ¬†This is where my positivity turns into a crutch that results in settling. Thankfully though, Jen is not that way. She doesn’t settle for shoddy work. Believe me. I’ve tried to pass some half-a** work by her in the past and she has called me out on it. She has the guts to say, “That’s not good enough.” She’s not saying it to be a jerk. She’s saying it because she has a knack for knowing when something could and should be better. Many of our millworks customers have benefitted from this quality of hers. Ha!

I am so thankful for her. She makes me step back and think for a second about the integrity of the work and not just the completion of it. She is the voice in my head when I am tempted to cut corners because I am frustrated or tired. She is my encourager whether I’m laying a tile or writing a book. Her belief in me makes me want to do great work and not just good.

Don’t shortchange yourself by shutting out everyone in your life that says, “It’s not good enough.” There are many who say it because they can’t be pleased, but there is likely someone¬†who is saying it because they want to call out greatness in you.


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