Last year, Aubrey surprised me with Taylor Swift tickets.  I can’t help it, y’all…I love her!  On our way home from the concert, we were joking around about making a parody about being 32.  He said we should totally do this for your birthday.  So, this summer some of my crazy 30-something girlfriends got together for a family pizza party & music video shoot…I mean that’s totally normal, right?  Our sweet friend, Jacob (who is 20 & not married) agreed to capture the craziness & the poor boy will probably never be the same!  Especially after having postpartum panties flung at his head!  Oops!

I am so stinkin’ thankful to be 32!  Being a grown-up, a wife & a mom is hard stuff but it’s the good stuff!  I’ll tell you this…I wouldn’t trade places with my 22 year old self for nothin’!  “I’m a little bit stronger now & I’m a little bit smarter too!”  32 looks different for everybody but I wanted to document where I am at 32…a snapshot of this exhausting, wonderful time in my life.  Hope you enjoy…

“We’re in love but we’re in over our heads!”  Truth!!

I started this blog a year ago to document our kindness advent & it has become a little corner of the internet for me to share our story & hopefully encourage friends near & far.  This is my farewell post on for-the-love.net because we are currently merging all of our ventures onto one site.  We would love to have you join us there!  If you’d like to receive updates & posts via e-mail, you can subscribe here…

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