Sweet Home Alabama & a video update...

Sweet Home Alabama & a video update…

We just finished up a custom piece that we’re calling Sweet Home Alabama. We hope you love it, Sarah!


Over at the homestead, it sort of felt like we took one step forward and two steps back. We finished painting…we actually totally forgot about the closets so yeah, that was fun. Then on Wednesday, Aubrey & my brother-in-law Michael started laying the floors. While they were working, the lights started flickering and they eventually lost partial power. They called the electric company & it turns out one of the main power lines was completely burned up…actually melted. They said they couldn’t believe it hadn’t cause a fire. So even though it was kind of a set back, we really feel like the Lord was watching out for our little family! This could’ve been major bad news if left undetected! It just so happens that Michael went to electrician school & knew how to fix the problem. He decided to go ahead & replace the old breaker box as well, while he’s at it. So basically we spent $300 for a job that would’ve cost us $2500. Thank you, Jesus (and Michael!:) It was a bit of a bummer but we’re trudgin’ on through…getting SO close now!

Here’s a little video from Thursday…

Here’s a before & after shot of the ceiling…

IMG_6236 IMG_1578

Floors flew the first day but we had to take a time out because of the electrical issue.


I came around the corner today & found the boys like this…boys will be boys!


We’re praying for an uneventful week ahead. We’re ready to move into this place!


  1. Lynda Waugh
    February 1, 2015

    House renovation is kind of like giving birth! And like giving birth, once it’s over and you’re holding that little one in your arms, (or sitting around in that beautiful home with those sweet little kiddos), you forget the pain!!! When we got home from TX this past summer, we found out our homeowner’s insurance was not going to be renewed until we changed out our electrical box because it was so old that it still had cloth covering on the outside wires!!!! House built in 1963. Who ever thought that was safe.?!? God protected us for 34 yrs. We’ve lived here since 1980. Feeling blessed , as are you!

    • Jen
      February 10, 2015

      SO true…what a great way to look at it!

      It is so crazy how much codes have changed! (our house was built in ’77) Thankful for God’s protection over our lives when we can’t even see it!


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