sickies, snow for days & shower progress

sickies, snow for days & shower progress

We started the week off passing around a pretty nasty tummy bug. It’s the first time in our marriage that we’ve been sick at the same time & let me just tell you…it was not pretty! We were praising Jesus for Gigi!! We honestly didn’t really know what was going on outside until about Tuesday. But it’s been a week of ice, snow & more ice here in Nashville.


Grady absolutely loved it! He literally spent hours outside playing everyday…it was crazy! One afternoon, Aubrey & I took the boys up to the house & let them sled down the hill. It was so much fun & a little glimpse for us of what’s to come!


When the boys weren’t playing outside, they did a whole lot of this…


They also discovered a stash of oven baked modeling clay & made lots of new inventions. These kids are total craft junkies!!


Needless to say, we didn’t get a ton of work done over at the house but we’re trudging along…slowly but surely! And sometimes, you accidentally create more work for yourself…


Aubrey was finishing running the electrical in the attic when this happened. We decided to just laugh about it so we wouldn’t cry. I made him take this picture for me…I’m sure it will be funny later!;)


The master bathroom is coming along, step by step…

IMG_1872 IMG_1873 IMG_1871 IMG_1869 IMG_1868

My mom asked Aubrey the other day how in the world he knew how to do all of this. His answer… “youtube” to which we both busted out laughing! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

I hope you’re doing well & not going too stir crazy…that dang groundhog was right, wasn’t he? We’re just about ready for spring over here, anyone else?

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