renovation update

renovation update

It’s been awhile…too long! We’ve been crazy busy over at the homestead and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last few weeks…

Aubrey finished tiling the master bathroom shower. He did such an amazing job…it is seriously like a work of art!


For those of you who have asked…yes we repainted & it looks SO much better! Also, WE HAVE TOILETS people! And after months of not having them, let’s just say that my quads are so stinkin’ thankful! Not to overshare here but it takes a seriously good squat to avoid peeing on your shoes! (don’t worry…we live in the woods!;)


The kids’ bathroom went much quicker. I was able to help out & my OCD self was in heaven!


The boys helped Aubrey install the fixtures…they were totally enamored by that torch!


I have so much love for the built-in shelves!


Moving on t0 the kitchen. We got a killer deal on our cabinets…all we had to do was sand & refinish them. It was kind of a beating but worth the $1700 we saved! This was the original finish (not terrible, just not the particular style we were going for)…


I’m not sure what Aubrey was more excited about…the great deal we got or getting to use his new paint sprayer!


He & Michael started hanging them last Saturday morning and then a few other friends helped finish up on Sunday. Nothing in this house is level or square, so it was a major job that we are really glad to be on the other side of!


I can’t even believe this is the same kitchen! I was so excited to see our Black Friday appliances finally come out of their boxes!

IMG_4264 IMG_3169

This week we (I guess y’all have figured out by now that when I say “we” I mean Aubrey with occasional help from me!;) will be focusing on trim work…there’s plenty of it & also trying to figure out how to remedy the water pressure situation (insert that super scared emoji face here…the one with the really big eyes). Please pray that it’s an easy fix…I’ll keep you posted!

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