Renovation Update - January 26th

Renovation Update – January 26th

A few of you have mentioned that you would like to see some video of the house as we move through the process. So Jen tried her hand at a video update.



Thanks to some great friends who came yesterday and today, we are almost done painting the whole house. Our whole house painted in about a day and a half! Amazing! So grateful for Kim, Lindsey, Chad, Randy, and Josh who helped us knock it out.


We also picked out and installed our new lighting fixtures in the living room and the loft. We actually ran across a lighting store here in Hendersonville called Essence Lighting. Their stuff is WAAAAYYYY out of our price range, but they have this deal that if you buy 5 fixtures you get them all 50% off! Boom! We ended up buying a few smaller fixtures for the rest of the house so we could save  on the big chandelier for the living room. They were so helpful too. Go see them. Well, if you live somewhere around middle Tennessee.


So, there was much online debate about which side of the barnwood to use, the gray (left) side or the darker (right) side. The verdict is in, but you will have to watch the video to hear about it.


That’s all for now. Hope your 2015 is getting off to a great start too.


  1. Kate johnson
    January 26, 2015

    Love it… Thanks for sharing! Miss you guys

  2. Lynda Waugh
    January 27, 2015

    You’ve got more than a beautiful house, setting, friends who help!!! You’ve got community! Priceless.


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