Our Story

Our Story

Our story began a long time ago in a little church in Nashville, TN. We were just a couple of crazy kids, singing together in children’s church. We grew up serving together in the same youth group and competing against each other at rival high schools. Then one fateful day in college, God decided to bring our stories together for good…and it has been SO good! For two years, we dated long distance, separated by the 650 miles between Nashville and Dallas. Then in August of 2004, we got hitched and spent our first season of marriage in ministry in Dallas, serving at Hope Fellowship Church with people that we dearly love. There we were again, standing together singing our hearts out to God. During our decade as Texans, we added three little ones to our clan: Grady, Jett, and Kaylor. Not long after little sissy was born, we felt God stirring up a season of change. We sensed Him leading us toward a new adventure for our family. So, we sold a bunch of stuff and loaded up everything and everyone in a truck and a minivan bound for Tennessee.


Now we are on this adventure that is the next verse and chapter of our song and story to God, to our kids, and to the world. We want to instill a love for exploration, a heart for adventure and a real and living faith in our kids. We hope they will look back at their lives and see that as a family, we did our best to hold no trust back from our Creator.


One of the best gifts God has given us in our marriage is the love we share for creating things. Whether it is writing songs or renovating our house, we love to make things together. A few years ago we started SongAndStory.com to capture the essence of other people’s stories in song. Along the way, we also picked up a few tools, some reclaimed wood & old broken-down instruments and started making custom pieces of art. We love to create things that tell stories, that inspire stories, and spark conversations. We want our work to reflect the way that we desire to live, bringing dead things back to life and in love, making all things new. We want to sing the song and tell the story of Jesus, the one who is Emmanuel, God with us. Here, now, and forever.


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Aubrey, Jen, Grady, Jett, & Kaylor


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