New Music Monday + a little kindness catch up

Hello, friends! I cannot believe it’s December 14th…like, we’re over half way to Christmas! Craziness, I tell ya! Last night, Jett & Daddy had some one-on-one dude time while the rest of us headed out on our kindness mission.


When I asked Grady who he would like to deliver his flowers to, he did not even hesitate…Aunt Kimmie!:) Kaylor followed with “Uncle Michael” – maybe he’s the first person she thought of or maybe he just goes with Kimmie but either way, it totally made his night! I love how much my kids adore my sister’s crew…it blesses my heart in the hugest way!


Today, the kids picked out matchbox cars to hide at the park. This act of kindness was Grady’s idea and I couldn’t love it more!


The boys were cracking me up! They were so excited that nobody was there to catch us & were hurrying like mad to find the perfect spot for their cars.


“Wook at me, Mommy!”

IMG_6793 FullSizeRender-13

These kids owned this kindness mission…we will definitely be adding it to the rotation!

Last but not least…here’s a little Christmas edition of New Music Monday for your viewing/listening pleasure…(please excuse my sweatshirt/prom updo combo…yikes!)

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