Movement vs Exercise – Part 2

In the last post, I shared my shift in thinking when it comes to movement.  It has been so fun to hear stories of friends, choosing not to use carts at the store or squatting while blow drying their hair…that’s what I’m talkin’ about, ladies!;)  Keep up the good work!

The bottom line is that exercise is not a replacement for movement.  Exercise is for “fun,” movement is a biological requirement. Going off the junk food analogy…if you’re eating dessert, make sure you’ve had your dinner first!  So that’s exactly how I’ve started viewing exercise…as the icing on the cake.  It’s a beautiful thing really, because it takes some of the pressure off.  I’m a perfectionist & have spent plenty of time beating myself up for not exercising enough but I was completely unbalanced.  Once I became conscious of my movement throughout the day (as well as what I put in my mouth), I realized that I can be healthy without being a gym rat.  There were opportunities to move all around me…I just had to open my eyes!


As women, one thing we are all pretty darn good at is multi-tasking.  A fun thing we started implementing last year was family explorations.  A lot of times it’s just a walk & we have the boys look for acorns or sticks that look like swords.  Other times we hike down to the creek behind our house and climb up & down the rocks.  It’s a total win/win because we’re spending quality time together AND we’re getting out of the house & moving!!  No more guilt about not hitting the gym…I just ran after my kiddos for 2 miles!;)


Little sis is always along for the ride!;)


So, is that it?  No…I still really enjoy lifting weights & working out and I continue to do those things because I have the desire to be healthy AND fit.  I just understand now that those are two different things.  The movement I’m creating throughout my day is keeping me healthy…my workouts are helping me achieve my fitness goals.  I like pushing myself & seeing what my body is capable of…I also like it when my husband says “dang girl, you’re lookin’ good!”  Whatever the motivation, I always try to keep myself in check & remember that it’s extra credit.

I want to encourage you…to stand more, to move more, to eliminate conveniences that rob you of natural, full-body movement & to view it all in a more positive way!  Keep zumba-ing, keep running, keep pumping iron but don’t forget that all of those things should just be enriching an already active lifestyle.  As that horribly awkward paleontologist on dinosaur train always says…

“Get outside, get into nature & make your own discoveries!”

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  1. Jen McDaniel
    March 18, 2014

    First of all, my 19 month old just watched an episode of Dinosaur Train where they sang that little diddy. Also, I might have a slight crush on Dr Scott, the awkward paleontologist. He gives off a dorky/cute Ross (from Friends) kinda vibe. Maybe it’s a paleontologist thing.

    Anyway, Cori linked me over to these two blogs and I’m glad she did! I completely agree with your views on all-day long exercise. I stay home with my son, too, and we’re pretty active around the house but could always do (and get outside) more. I hadn’t given much thought to the fact that our ancestors moved around out of necessity, but we move to burn off excess. Definitely made me think.

    Thanks for sharing, encouraging and motivating your readers to get up, get outside, get into nature AND be active and healthy!


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