Kindness Advent Days 9 & 10 and the missing mouse...

Kindness Advent Days 9 & 10 and the missing mouse…

I wanted to get some other folks involved in the kindness advent this year. The first person I thought of was my friend Lindsey because she has the biggest heart & is always up for an adventure! I told her to choose a person that she wanted to bless & she immediately said “Addie’s principal! Her husband can’t work because he has a rare from of ataxia, so she works her tail off, is an amazing mom & always has a great attitude.” This hard-working lady has little to no time for herself, so we decided to make a pampering basket…just for her!


This picture totally cracks me up…Grady with the football & Addie with her purse! They are too cute (& WAY too big!)


Today, we headed over to the hospital to tape handmade notes & money on some vending machines.


Grady wanted to hang his best note on top of the sprite because it is “THE best special drink!” There you have it, friends…just in case you were wondering!;)


How cute is this little elf?


My brother-in-law works at the hospital & the report this afternoon was that all the cash was gone but the notes were still there. Hopefully they will bring a smile to some weary family members & hospital staff this weekend!

We did have a bit of a tragedy while executing our kindness mission today. Kaylor brought along Marley the mouse (her absolute favorite toy) & it fell out of her pocket somewhere in the hospital! We sent out a search party but had no luck! She is so sad & asked me at her nap time if somebody took Marwee to their house without asking. She said “I just wanted to take her and then she got lost and now she’s scared!” I mean!:( I’m fully prepared to buy that baby another mouse but I sure hope some honest person finds poor Marley and turns her in tonight! We’re crossing our fingers over here!!

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