Kindness Advent Days 19 & 21

Kindness Advent Days 19 & 21

This weekend was pretty cray cray over here! I’m sure none of you can relate!;) Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to in the kindness department…

After musical rehearsal on Saturday, Aubrey & the boys headed over to Kroger to help push in some carts. He said it was perfect timing because there were only 3 left inside!IMG_0945

The boys LOVE this kindness mission, so it always makes the list & we hope it made someone’s day!


Jett-man is serious about his job!;)


On Saturday evening, some of our best friends from Texas arrived with their 3 boys. They’re headed to Florida for Christmas & decided to take a pretty significant detour to spend a few days with us. To say these kiddos had fun would be a major understatement! They picked up right where they left off and it was SO good to catch up with their Mommy & Daddy!


Yesterday, we led worship at our church, went for a hike, had the boys’ Christmas musical & took our friends out on the town. Needless to say, our kindness advent took a back seat for the day!


The kids realized it pretty quickly this morning, so we were back up and at ’em! We headed over to the Samaritan thrift store to grab a few books. My mother-in-law always finds great gently used books there, so we decided to go check it out!


We spent all of $2 dollars and came out of there with some great stuff! Then we headed over to the children’s clinic near our house. It pretty much stinks to be sick at Christmas, so we figured who better to bless with our books? (Don’t worry, fellow germaphobes…we used lots of hand sanitizer!)


These 3 have some serious love for books, so this was a major act of service for them! (& yes…my kids dress themselves, in case you were wondering!;)


Picking the perfect spot…


Christmas is upon us, folks! Don’t forget in the hustle & bustle of finishing your lists and fighting crazy crowds to slow down & spread some love…somebody’s gotta do it!:)

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