Kindness Advent - Days 17 & 18

Kindness Advent – Days 17 & 18

Yesterday, I fell on a giant rock under our house & bruised my tailbone. Yes…you read that right! How can one be so clumsy? This is the culprit to my hiney mishap…


Yep…it was as painful as it looks! A big shout out to everyone who offered tips & sympathy! I was thinking this morning, as I was icing my bum bone, about how thankful I am that God is in the details. I was at a workshop last week & decided to go browse the table at the end. It was full of essential oils, blends & this lady’s natural skin care line. There was a jar of tissue & bone repair salve that caught my eye. I’ve heard a lot about comfrey & it’s healing properties and this particular salve was made w/ comfrey, as well as many other herbs. She told me that she swears by it for her 6 kids because somebody’s always getting hurt! I usually have a hard time spending money but for some reason, I just couldn’t pass it up. Little did I know, I would desperately need it less than a week later! I know tailbone pain can last for quite some time but I’m thankful that I had some natural remedies in my arsenal to combat the pain & that God was watching out for me in that small way.

Also, I was unable to upload any pictures on the blog again last night (grrrr), so I now bring to you 2 days worth of kindness!:)


Yesterday, we loaded up the sleigh & collected trash around my Mom’s neighborhood. Sissy started out in the wagon, making sure our bag was open & ready!


These guys were all business…on the hunt!


It was seriously cold but we bundled up & once we started moving, we warmed up pretty quickly!

How big is this guy?


The only bummer on our adventure was having to teach my kids about cigarettes (insert sad face here). Grady said “if they’re so bad for you, why do people keep eating them & why would they even make them?” That’s a good question, little buddy!


Kaylor ventured out & helped for a bit, although she didn’t quite understand exactly what to pick up. She threw away lots of leaves and sticks, which I’m sure will be much appreciated!;)


Today is December 18th, people & this is exactly how we feel about that…


We headed over to sonic tonight to spread a little gift card love.

IMG_6670 IMG_6680 IMG_6677

Happy Thursday, everyone! I hope your week has been less of a pain in the rear than mine!;)

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