Kindness Advent Days 17 & 18

Kindness Advent Days 17 & 18

Yesterday, we got to take care of this little cutie while her Mom & Dad went to an appointment and grabbed some lunch. Jovie’s Mama, Kat is one of my dearest friends from high school & I loved having the opportunity to spoil her baby!


This girl is equal parts sweet & spunky…just like I like ’em!;) She knew what she wanted to do from the moment she walked in the door…paint! So, painting it was! My kids didn’t complain!


How sweet are those little hands? She was telling us exactly who her paintings were for & let me just tell you, she is a doll! Grady & I looked at each other and giggled and she said “everyone thinks my voice is cute!” Kat says she doesn’t lack in the confidence department & why would she?


This act of kindness didn’t cost us anything & we didn’t even have to leave our house. But it was such a tangible way to love on another family & also teach our kiddos how to open our home and treat our guests with kindness & love.

Today, we headed over to Target to buy shoes for some sweet boys. Our small group at church adopted a family for Christmas & we all chose different things off their list. Did y’all know that Target carries Stride Rite? I had no idea but we chose some stylin’ boots for the little man & some super cool sneakers for his big brother. I’m so thankful to be a part of a group that loves serving others!


I still have songs to rehearse, presents to buy & wrap and company headed my way…but I’m taking deep breaths over here & reminding myself what it’s all about!

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