Kindness Advent Day #8

Kindness Advent Day #8


Today was Jettaroo’s idea…pick up trash on Hunts Lane & some other Lanes!:)


We actually didn’t get very far away from our house before we had almost two bags of trash! What in the world? Is it just me or is it crazy that people drive down the road and throw their trash out the window?


These kids didn’t complain. They put their gloves on (everybody has a pair of work gloves in our house;) and went to work.


Lots of uncollected newspapers and phone books!


And yes, even one of those famous red Starbucks cups… for shame! Alright, everybody say “nasty”


I absolutely love how kids can take a task like collecting trash and turn it into an adventure. They were having so much fun! It was like a trash treasure hunt.

I am inspired by them to look for the joy this season even in the most menial tasks.  So many times in life, it really does come down to choosing to have a positive attitude – to notice the little adventures along the way.

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