Kindness Advent - Day 8

Kindness Advent – Day 8

This afternoon, we headed over to the church offices to show a little love & deliver some coffee goodness.


Kindness elves with caffeine in tow…


Pastor Matt is cracking me up with this pose & stone cold face. The rest of the bunch was all smiles…especially that gorgeous lady on the left! (aka my Madre!;)


The Church at Indian Lake is where both of our families have attended for years. Aaron Allison actually helped our pastor in Texas, John McKinzie start Hope Fellowship, so we have lots of great history & connection with this place. It has been really nice to walk straight into a church family where we already know & respect the leaders. They have welcomed us with open arms & been nothing but supportive of our crazy, unconventional life!:)

We have been so thankful for Aaron’s timely messages. This guy’s preaching is off the charts & I’m pretty sure he totally has our number! Yesterday he talked about love. He made the statement that “love covers our mistakes & what we really deserve.” Oh how thankful I am for that truth!

As Aubrey read tonight, this was another beautiful reminder that I so desparately needed to hear… “Jesus doesn’t wait for you to be good; He comes to be with us who are having very awful, miserable, no-good days right now. Jesus comes to carry us who are feeling mad and bad and sad and anything but glad, and He left heaven to be with us who feel left out. Jesus comes to us who seem to get every step wrong.” Friends, wherever you find yourself, whatever you’re facing…remember that you are not alone! You are cherished. You are loved!

Let’s remember to extend love this holiday season because it has been so undeservingly extended to us!

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  1. Ginny Smith
    December 8, 2014

    Thank you for that sweet message, Jenn! Mr Mike and I needed to hear that tonight… He was turned down for a job he applied for that would have really helped us financially, but…. I know God must have something else in mind for us. We are listening…. Waiting to see what He has in store!


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