Kindness Advent Day #5

Kindness Advent Day #5


Today was full of Christmas lists, cleaning, packaging shipments, hide & seek in the woods…& cleaning some more. By tonight, we needed to get out of this house!

Gigi joined us for our kindness mission. Let’s just be honest here…she is our very own dose of kindness every time she walks through the door! When I say I don’t know what we’d do without her, I mean it folks! We headed over to Blue Coast Burrito for dinner & to spread a little love.


How cute is this little elf?


As we were leaving, the boys scouted out a nice lady to give the gift card to. We could hear her thanking them from across the restaurant…so sweet! As simple as this is, I think it would probably be my favorite act of kindness to receive! Eating out with three kids who are all growing like weeds is getting expensive… can I get an amen?

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