Kindness Advent - Day 22

Kindness Advent – Day 22


This morning, we headed over to the library & hid some handmade bookmarks in random books. This is the first time we’ve done this kindness mission and it was so easy & fun…the kids loved it!!


This picture cracks me up! Just keepin’ it real over here, folks!

IMG_6781IMG_6803 IMG_6792

How stinkin’ sweet is this? These kids have a serious love for books & that thrills this Mama!


I’ll leave you with this thought that my (much) better half posted earlier today. Goodness, I love how that guy loves Jesus…it’s pretty much my favorite thing about him!

“The greatest miracle ever is still being worked every day. The miracle of God with us.
If we are looking for the divine in the sensational, we will miss him in the ordinary. The place he comes most powerfully and most often. Remember he was first a baby born in a humble lonely stable. The world looking for a sensational conquering king missed the incarnation of the very love and power of God. Let’s not miss him again by failing to see the beauty of our divine savior Jesus living and breathing in us in every moment. Especially the ordinary ones. The ones that seem unmiraculous. Were there angels appearing and singing to shepherds and stars bursting in the sky? Yes! But after that there was just breathing and laughing, sleeping and waking, first steps and first words, days spent with dad in the workshop, moments cuddling with mom as the sleepy eyes grew heavy. All of the normal every day things that are remarkable miracles themselves. It is the same with us. If we stop and look for a moment, we will see the reflection, the imprint, the presence of the divine everywhere. If we only applaud the huge miracles that come like amazing fireworks we run the risk of looking to God only for our entertainment. And next time it better be bigger and better. If we miss him in the in between, in the everyday, we miss the most powerful miracle of all, that he is Emmanuel. God with us. He is here. Everywhere. Every day. This is where the life is. This is where the beauty is. Look around you today. He is there. He is with you.”


  1. Farrah
    December 23, 2014

    I LOVE this! All of it!

    • Jen
      December 23, 2014

      Thanks, Farrah…I love you!!;)


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