Kindness Advent - Day 21

Kindness Advent – Day 21

The kids are really missing Daddy right now because he’s been working such long days over at the house. This morning we slept in, made chocolate chip pancakes & caught up on some much needed cuddles…just what the doctor ordered! Grady is getting so big but moments like this remind me that he’s still our baby!


At lunch, I told the boys to be thinking of someone special that they would like to deliver flowers to. They chose Aunt Sasha, who ended up coming to hang out this afternoon…that was easy!;) She is a book reading, game playing, fort building, silly song singing ball of fun! Thanks for loving on my kids, Sonya…you’re the best!


They also chose their cousins, Abbie & Hannah….big surprise there!;) There is serious love between these kids & it is so sweet to watch their bond grow deeper!!


Only 2 days until Christmas Eve, folks! I know that makes some of you break out in a cold sweat but don’t let stress steal your joy! I love this reminder “Christmas cannot be bought in a store. Christmas cannot be created in the kitchen. Christmas cannot be made by hand, lit up, set out, dreamed up. Christmas can only be found – right there in the manger.” I’m taking a deep breath tonight & choosing to remember what it’s really all about!

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