Kindness Advent - Day 16

Kindness Advent – Day 16

We had a change of plans for today. We were supposed to go watch my friend Danielle’s girls so she could have a morning out before her 4th baby was scheduled to arrive on Thursday. I met Danielle & her mom at a clothing store right after we moved to town. It turned out she attends The Church at Indian Lake…small world! She has 3 beautiful girls who all have Joubert Syndrome. They have multiple therapies throughout the week at different locations, which keeps Danielle super busy! About half way through her pregnancy, she was told not to lift anything heavier than 15 pounds. (This was right around the time I met her.) I volunteered to come once a week & help her unload the girls and hang out with them during therapy. Can I just tell you…Danielle is one of the strongest, most beautiful people I’ve ever met! I leave feeling so blessed from my time with them!

Their new baby boy, Elijah didn’t wait until Thursday…he made his debut on Saturday. He went straight to the NICU and fought so hard but on Sunday, he went to be with Jesus. I can’t even imagine the pain that Danielle & Ched are feeling and we are beyond heartbroken for their loss.


Last night, our advent devotional was A Candle in the Darkness. “it doesn’t matter how dark the dark is – Jesus comes to the darkest places so you can see His light the brightest.” We were encouraged to think of someone who is hurting & needs His light and of course we thought of the Heiss Family. We lit a candle in honor of sweet Elijah. Would you do the same & say a prayer for the peace and comfort of Jesus to surround this precious couple?

Ched wrote this on Facebook earlier today… “Danielle and I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and prayers that are keeping us during this most difficult time. We wish we could hug you all for an hour each so we could start to express our deep gratitude. May Our Father bless you all as we celebrate the coming of His Son, whom He also lost. Our Savior’s 30+ years here were but a ripple in the expanse of eternity from whence he came, but His separation from the Father, for just 3 days was enough to ensure that Danielle and I would be able to see Elijah again! Worship the King for His Love endures forever! O Come, O Come Emmanuel!”

Wow! I am blown away by the strength & grace of this amazing couple. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” indeed!

So…for our kindness advent today, we decided to deliver donuts to the police station. I’m sure with all that’s going on in our nation, they may not be feeling an abundance of love, so we thought we’d share a little glazed goodness to show our appreciation. Before we headed over to the station, we stopped in at Krispy Kreme to have a little treat. We usually only get donuts a few times a year, so the kids were pretty pumped!


I think Kaylor liked her “noman” donut!


Grady was really excited about this one. We have older cars, so they don’t beep at you if you start driving without your belt fastened but have no fear…Grady man is here! We call him our little seatbelt police!

It took us a few tries to get a group pic today! “Not in front of your face, Jett”


“Over here…come on, Jettaroo!”


Alright, that’ll work! I love these three & how they each have their own unique personalities. They’re kind of my favorite!


This afternoon, we were the recipients of some major kindness! My mom’s friend, Mrs. Benita stopped by & dropped off two meals, a fruit salad & homemade chocolate cake! She said she knew how busy we were with the house & wanted to help somehow. We are so very grateful for her thoughtfulness & will put it to very good use, I’m sure!

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