Kindness Advent Day #15

Kindness Advent Day #15


My sister is a kindergarten teacher & this morning, we headed over to her class for story time.


We really enjoyed meeting her kiddos & putting faces with names. She has done such an incredible job with them!


Grady, Jett, and Kaylor joined right in. They were so excited to go to “Kimmie’s class”.


And of course we couldn’t leave without singing some Christmas carols! It took a minute to get them warmed up but once they started singing, every class in the school probably heard them. I love how kids just sing at the top of their lungs with no concern about what they sound or look like.


Seriously, school teachers have one of the most challenging jobs on the planet! I am so grateful for the teachers in my life who invested so much in me. And I’m so proud of my sister for the way she cares for and teaches her kids. I know they will look back one day and remember her as one of the best!

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  1. Sue and John McGregor
    December 16, 2015

    What a blessing it is to have the McGowans touching so many lives. Merry Christmas!


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