Kindness Advent - Day 14

Kindness Advent – Day 14

Tonight, we rode around & looked at Christmas lights. We’ve been so busy that we haven’t done anything festive really, so it was nice & much needed family time! On our way out, we pulled through Starbucks & paid it forward to the car behind us. This was a win/win because we showed a little kindness & also got a special treat for our drive!


This was Kaylor’s first hot chocolate & sister didn’t want any help!


Do you like that chocolate dripping down her chin? I should’ve rethought the white sweater!


Over at the house, demo is almost complete! I don’t think there’s one more thing we could haul out of there…it’s down to the studs in some places! Here’s just a glimpse of our trash piles…

IMG_0769 IMG_0765

This is a before picture, looking out of the kitchen…


This is looking into the kitchen now…it’s demoed & ready for new everything! I LOVE how Aubrey opened this wall up between the living room & kitchen!!


There are lots of exciting things happening this week, so I’ll be sure to post updates & pictures!

I hope you had a wonderful, semi-relaxing weekend!

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