Kindness Advent Day #12

Today, we headed over to Crosspoint church for their Merry Music City Christmas. We helped out with a conference that was held at Crosspoint a few months ago & were so impressed with all the folks we met…so real & down to earth!

My mom’s dear friend, Jennifer works at Crosspoint Nashville as the guest experience coordinator & everyone sings her praises! She rocks at what she does and spends a lot of time & energy making sure everyone who walks through the doors feels welcome and loved. She is gracefully walking through some tough stuff herself, so I wanted to love on her in the midst of a super busy work week. This phrase came to mind when I thought of Jenn…

Part of the event included an amazing free Christmas concert. The performances were SO good! The boys loved Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, a big band act & Kaylor’s favorite were the dancers. Our favorite moment by far was a video they showed about the Christmas edition of the Dollar Club. On a particular Sunday every month, everyone is encouraged to come to church and give one dollar. Then they take that money and normally use it to help one person. It shows people the power of what can be done if everyone invests a little. For the Christmas edition, they took it to another level! You just have to watch this video! We were literally crying almost all the way through. It was truly powerful.

Afterward, Pete talked about how there’s just something about seeing people loved on like that that really pulls at our heart strings & resonates with us. It just feels right, you know…like how the world should be! The reason is because we were all made in the image of God & God is a giver…He gave His all for us! So, it’s in our DNA and part of our purpose to be generous. I wrote down this quote & I think I’ll tape it to my mirror…”You won’t find your purpose by getting what you want, you will find it by giving who you are!” Boom! So good & so true!

Happy Saturday, friends!

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  1. Jenny Moss
    December 12, 2015

    Since I know Jennifer I can say Crosspoint is lucky to have her. As I sat watching this I could not help but cry tears of joy for those you blessed. Such a wonderful thing to do.


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