Kindness Advent Day #11 + a little contentment...

Kindness Advent Day #11 + a little contentment…

I had a doctor’s appointment on the other side of town this morning, so I decided to surprise one of my favorite people with coffee & a yummy treat!


The Varnadores were on staff with us at Hope and have recently relocated to the Nashville area. We love this family…they have big ol’ hearts for Jesus & Ashley is the best little Mama! Judah & Jonah are big fans of my boys and were super bummed I didn’t have them with me, so they gathered up homemade cards and even a toy for me to bring home. How sweet is that? These boys have been taught to have giving hearts!


Because I was running a little behind, Aubrey had a guy he co-writes with just come up to the house. I caught a glimpse of them out front & it hit me hard how truly grateful I am for this place! We prayed for a home that would spark creativity & adventure and be a retreat for all who visited & God blessed us with just that!


Contentment is a tough one some days, isn’t it? It’s hard for me not to focus on all that still needs to be done and how far we have to go and how much we don’t have figured out. But I want to stop & be grateful for the little gifts along the way…for God’s faithfulness at every twist & turn. For the really hard & really wonderful moments that fill our days. I want to rejoice in the way things are right here, right now.

“Living with grace in the imperfect is how we find gratitude.”

~Ann Voskamp

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