Family Field Guide - Episode 6

Family Field Guide – Episode 6

A new Family Field Guide episode is up. It’s a peek into our recent roadtrip to Northwest Arkansas. It started off a little rough, but turned into a great adventure!


For about 10 years we worked with the youth group at our church in Texas. When you work for a decade in one community you get the opportunity to see kids turn into adults.


A couple of weeks ago one of our former students got married and we had the honor being part of her ceremony. Jen and I sang and I co-officiated the wedding with my great friend, John McKinzie.





It was a quick trip but we wouldn’t have missed it for anything! Blake has a love for Jesus that is so contagious and her new hubby Clayton is such a creative, kind, and Godly man.



We are at that place where travel with our kids is getting so much easier. We can stretch them farther than ever before.

At least we enjoyed it for a moment because in about 3 or 4 weeks our agility goes back to zero! Haha! That’s ok though.┬áSometimes when you can’t be agile it forces you to stay close and rest. We’ll take the seasons as they come and do our best to enjoy the beauty in each moment. We can’t wait for Mr. Wilder to be here.


Keep pursuing God’s unique adventure for your family!

Aubrey & Jen

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