Family Field Guide - Episode 4

Family Field Guide – Episode 4

We have had a lot of fun sharing this deck project with you and we hope you’ve enjoyed following along!

This week in episode 4 we finish the deck surface.

At the same time, the boys rescue a chipmunk from the cats, Nana (Aubrey’s mom) comes over to decorate for fall and we are stalled by sudden rainstorm.

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Family Field Guide In Action

We want to begin to make good on our commitment to help you pursue God’s unique adventure for your family. ¬†One way we will do this is to give you as simple¬†question to ask yourself that will challenge you to take a specific action.

This week, ask yourself this question.

“How can I get my kids more involved in every day activities or special projects we are doing?”

Sometimes you just have to give them a simple task like helping you clean up, but don’t be afraid to let them in on the real action. They may surprise you with what they can do if you will stop for a moment to teach them.

Go for it!

Adventure well friend,

Aubrey & Jen

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