“A Change Is Gonna Come”

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Are you singing Sam Cooke right now or is it just me?  Man that guy can sayng…but I digress!;)

Last weekend, my husband announced some big news to our congregation.  In August, our family will be packing up & heading back East to Tennessee, where both of our families still live.  This was definitely not a decision we made lightly, rather it’s one that we have been prayerfully considering for a few years!  We’ve felt for some time now that change was coming but didn’t know exactly what or when.  God has been working on us to prune our lifestyle of unnecessary things and simplify.  We did the hard work of paying off our debt & started saving because we wanted to be in a place that when God called us to move, there was nothing weighing us down.  Even though we didn’t know exactly what we wanted to do, we knew more & more with each conversation what we wanted.  We have a strong desire to simplify, to live life together, to teach our kids together & to raise them near family…& above all, we want our kids to know that we’re not afraid to step out in faith & be courageous when the time is right.

This is such a bittersweet move because we absolutely love our church, Hope Fellowship & the wonderful people we have had the opportunity to serve (& serve with) over the last 10 years!  They have been nothing but supportive & encouraging as we embark upon this new journey & we are so grateful!.  We will miss them & this special place terribly but we know that God has big plans in store & you better believe we’ll be watching!

In Nashville, we will continue to lead worship part time & use the rest of our time to pursue some things that God has laid on our hearts.  We’re excited to have some margin for exploration…this will definitely be a season of adventure & we’re so excited about the journey!

Would you pray with us?  That we would hear God’s voice clearly & always follow His leading?  Also pray that our house sells & for all the details of this transition.  I am definitely looking forward to connecting with you more often through this little space on the internet!  Thanks for sticking around while I was MIA…we’ve had just a little bit goin’ on!;)

I’ll leave you with this quote from my friend Carrie’s blog…it’s so. dang. good!!

“We each have been given this one life. This one day. This one moment. God has secured our lot. He’s drawn our boundaries. Why not step out and explore what we’ve been given? It’s time to walk the length, the breadth and depth of His grace-filled plans for us. If we really want to live a life that makes much of our God, then we have to be willing to take the leap and trust in what He can do.”

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