A Cave, Small Business & Kindness Prep

A Cave, Small Business & Kindness Prep

I hope you all had a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving with family & friends. We shared a huge feast with Aubrey’s fam on Thursday. Then yesterday, we hosted my family at our house with a nacho bar, a pretty competitive game of football and crawling through a cave. What…you didn’t do that with your folks!?;)

Last week, the boys were out exploring & found this “cave” on our property. So yesterday, the whole gang decided to hike down the hill & see it for ourselves. Basically, these massive rocks have formed a tunnel along the base of a tree. IMG_6374

I don’t know if it would qualify as a cave but it is pretty sweet & a seriously tight squeeze! My 14 year old niece, Abbie issued a challenge that if she climbed through it, I had to try. Here’s her big exit…


At this point, of course I HAD to attempt it! I couldn’t look weak in front of all those kiddos!;) I gotta be honest…I was a little nervous to squeeze my big butt through that tiny hole (especially after the last 2 days of eating) but I did it, folks. I made it out alive!


My sister was sitting on top of this rock, documenting our shenanigans. She made the comment that it looked like we were being birthed and we both died laughing because it totally did! We decided it was our rebirth…to the land!

This is my favorite pic of the day…Aubrey reaching through, trying to help my niece Hannah work up the courage to try it. It was totally like a team building exercise, y’all! He’s got it all wrong though, in the breech position.


Here’s sweet Kaylor, just relaxing and soaking in the day. We are so thankful for this place and loved sharing it with our people!


Today is small business Saturday & to show my support, I’m wearing my brand new shirt from American Native! Check out our friends & remember to shop small this Christmas because handmade is always better!


Speaking of which…we’re having a little sale through the weekend, so head over to our etsy shop & check it out! We’ve sent orders to New Jersey, Texas & Florida this week and we also sold this beauty just the other night!


We’ve turned old pianos into wine cabinets & desks, but this was our first attempt at a coffee bar and I love the way it turned out! It has lots of fun details from the copper mug hanger to the barn wood chevron top.


Last but not least, we started working on our kindness advent this morning. This is something we’ve done as a family the last few years & it has become one of our favorite traditions! This is the first year I’ve had the kids help me make the list & it was so fun to hear all of their sweet ideas!


If you know me, you know I’m a total perfectionist but I’m letting it go more & more each day (& with each kid!;)


Right now, we have half of our days planned out and envelopes stuffed.


We are counting our blessings over here & looking forward to spreading some kindness this season! I’ll be documenting it right here on the blog, if you’re interested in following along or even joining us. We’ll see you soon!

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